This project is a unique urban development project in the center of the Laoshan district’s city center. The site is situated on the axis of urban design, neighbored by city-serving cultural and commercial facilities. Four high-rise towers and high density commercial and office development are included in upper level urban planning. This project site is located on the existing parking area inside of International Convention Center site. It faces Laoshan District’s government center to the north and multiple cultural facilities to the south on the major urban axis. Due to the limited space for underground parking Archilier Architecture proposes a “sky-parking” system, like an extension of street retail experience on the parking towers, by arranging sky parking spaces directly in front of retail stores located on multiple floors. Each tower has different height, and curved surfaces will be an important addition to the future skyline, creating dynamic movement. Flat façades are designed as colored surfaces by changing fin colors on the curtain wall system. The structure’s dynamic shape and colorful façade creates a new landmark for Qingdao.